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Indoor Air Pollution in Gardena: How to Identify Risk Elements That Could Impact Your General State of Health

Most people feel entirely protected inside their homes and aren’t fully aware of the fact that low indoor air quality triggers numerous health risks that should always be taken into consideration. The Environmental Protection Agency lists indoor air pollution as a top environmental concern and identifies various types of contaminants that could easily compromise our wellbeing, including asbestos, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, pesticides and biological pollutants. If you want to improve air quality in your house, learn how to identify and eliminate powerful hazards that could lower your quality of life and expose you to a long list of illnesses.

How to identify and annihilate the most common sources of indoor air pollution in Gardena
a)     Analyze and inventory all the factors that could be responsible for your low indoor air quality
There are numerous factors that could suddenly worsen your allergies, including home remodeling work, the usage of pesticides, moving in a different house, or a recently completed refurnishing project. Put all the potential causes on paper and contact your doctor, who will be able to shed some light on this matter and address your health concerns in a timely manner.

b)     Make sure your home is properly ventilated
When it comes to decreasing the level of indoor air pollution in Gardena, make sure your air system is fully-functional. Old, faulty ductwork might represent the root of the problem, aggravating asthma and allergies, making you pay huge energy bills, and impacting your level of comfort. There are a few signs which indicate the fact that your air ducts should be replaced. For instance, the air in some of your rooms could be excessively hot, while in others it could be extremely cold. Musty odors and a significant amount of dust represent another indicator, suggesting that it might be time to invest in a professional air duct replacement. At the end of the day, your final goal is to keep your house properly ventilated at all costs.

c)     Perform a thorough home inspection
 It’s no secret that most of the hazards threatening our welfare, comfort and health are invisible and usually hide in hard-to-reach areas. This is why it is extremely important to count on professional assistance if you really want to curb the alarming levels of indoor air pollution in Gardena. A certified, fully-trained specialist will reveal the true nature of your contaminants (mold, biological pollutants, carbon monoxide, pet dander, chemicals, and so on), while also recommending a personalized, cost-effective solution for your problem. Dryer vent cleaning, duct cleaning, repairs or replacement and asbestos abatement are excellent options that should be taken into consideration. Take into account the fact that only an experienced, trustworthy professional will be able to recommend the best decontamination plan based on your unique needs, after performing a meticulous home inspection.

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