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Is an Annual Cleaning Enough?

For most homes, an annual cleaning is enough to keep the odors away and the air quality beneficial. For those who suffer extreme respiratory disorders or those homes that have multiple pets, air duct cleaning in Gardena may be required more than once annually. However, with no verdict from the EPA in regards to the air quality affecting the health of those who live in the home, this is a choice that must be made personally.

How Do I Choose a Reputable Company?

With so many companies to choose from, it may be challenging to determine which Gardena air duct cleaning company is better than the others. Sometimes, it is a decision that is easily made based on recommendations from friends and family members. Other times, you may be faced with the challenge of sorting through several dozen companies, all of whom have the same rating and reviews. Because air duct cleaning is so important, be sure to take the time and review the services that the company offers and how they rate in terms of customer service. You want a company that is going to come to your home and walk you through potential problem areas, not just do the service without asking questions.